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At Axiom Mortgage Solutions we know how complex and confusing the process for attaining a loan can be. It can also be difficult to understand what type of loan you need, and whether or not a second mortgage is a good idea. On this blog we provide resources that will help you understand the different types of mortgages, rates, and reasons to get mortgages. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation, please contact us.

  • Mortgage in Windsor
    Beat the Clock: Understanding the Mortgage Approval Process

    Buying a new home is an exciting time. It is fun to search for the perfect home in the best neighborhood for you and your family to put down roots. Once you find your new haven, you will need to pay for it. Only very few buyers can afford to pay cash outright for real estate, so most of us rely on financing to meet this need. The mortgage process may seem tedious, but it is critical to follow all the steps to ensure you can close on your new house with confidence.

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  • Mortgages in Windsor Ontario
    So Your Mortgage Is Paid Off…What’s Next?

    Nothing could be more relieving than paying off your mortgage, especially if you can pay it off early. Just imagine having no more worries about coming up with the funds to keep the bankers at bay. Now you can take some time off, change jobs, or do whatever you want. Owning your home free and clear is a liberating experience. So, now that you have sent in that last payment, what’s next?

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  • Mortgage in Windsor Ontario
    Where Are Mortgage Rates Headed in Canada for 2019?

    Interest rates are rising, or at least that is what happened this summer. It appears that more increases are on the horizon, according to experts and observers in the industry. That can prove to be a little disconcerting if you are in the market for a new mortgage in Windsor. The age-old debate over variable versus fixed mortgage hinges on where the interest rate trends fall.

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  • Mortgage broker in Windsor Ontario
    Mortgage Broker vs. Bank: How Mortgage Brokers Are Different from a Bank

    If you are in the market for a mortgage, you might consider heading to your bank’s local branch to speak with the loan officer. That may seem like the most logical choice since you have an existing relationship. What you may not realize is that there is another option that may result in lower interest rates and a better mortgage experience. Why not consider discussing your needs with a mortgage broker in Tecumseh? While not as popular as banks, brokers can offer additional services that a bank cannot.

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  • Mortgages in Leamington Ontario
    Understanding the Mortgage Payment Structure

    Mortgages were created in the 1930s to help people purchase homes during the Great Depression. Initially, buyers were required to put 50 percent of the cost down. As home values have skyrocketed over the years, however, and banks have become increasingly involved in providing loans, a respectable down payment today is only 20 percent—and there are many cases where purchasers pay much lower.

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  • Mortgage Broker Leamington
    How a Mortgage Broker Can Make Your Life Easier

    When taking a leap into the real estate market, or the leap to move on from where you already own, one thing is for sure: it will not be an inexpensive purchase or a transaction free of potentially varied complexities. Most people cannot afford to buy a home outright―hence, why mortgages exist.

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  • Investing in a Leamington home mortgage represents good debt
    Good debt and how it helps

    As Canadians and much of the world accumulates more debt than ever in recent years, it is important to understand that not all money owed is considered bad. In fact, the concept of good debt is a well-known term within the financial industry.

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  • Second Mortgage in Leamington & Tecumseh
    Why a Second Mortgage Could Be Right for You

    Your home is a major expense and certainly one of your most valued possessions. As a result, your mortgage carries a lot of weight in terms of your financial strength and can be a cause of stress or stability for different individuals. For some, the option of getting a second mortgage, or seeking out a loan against the value of your property, can be a great option. Before doing so, it is important to understand the benefits associated with a second mortgage.

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  • 10/01/2017
    Mortgage Rates: Fixed versus Variable Rate Mortgages

    There are lots of mortgage types available, but the first major decision you will have to make when choosing the option that is right for you is between a fixed or variable rate mortgage. Both come with their own unique advantages and risks, and should be carefully considered based on your level of income, risk aversion, and lifestyle needs. Not sure which option is right for you? Read on if you are interested in learning more about fixed rate mortgages or variable rate mortgages in Tecumseh. You can also contact the team at Axiom Mortgage Solutions to answer your questions and find the perfect mortgage for your property and budget.

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