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Why a Second Mortgage Could Be Right for You

Your home is a major expense and certainly one of your most valued possessions. As a result, your mortgage carries a lot of weight in terms of your financial strength and can be a cause of stress or stability for different individuals. For some, the option of getting a second mortgage, or seeking out a loan against the value of your property, can be a great option. Before doing so, it is important to understand the benefits associated with a second mortgage.

Whether it is your first or second mortgage, the team at Axiom Mortgage Solutions can offer expert advice, unique products, and transparent answers to your mortgage questions. We can help you find the perfect second mortgage for your needs and aspirations, or improve the details of your first mortgage.

Benefits of a Second Mortgage

Here are a few of the reasons a second mortgage may be right for you:

  • Flexibility – Second mortgages allow homeowners to have access to a large sum of cash. This access to funds offers you flexibility if you find yourself in a difficult or unexpected situation. It is common for a second mortgage to be used towards debt consolidation, home renovations or repairs, college tuition, property investments, or other major expenses.
  • Ease of stress – If visions of your first mortgage are flashing in your head, rest assured that your second mortgage is likely to be a much easier undertaking. Second mortgages are typically offered from private lenders and offer rates less than that of a credit card but could be a higher rate than the first mortgage.
  • Taxes – Your second mortgage can provide a more tax-efficient way to borrow money, if it is on a rental property or if the money was borrowed for investment purposes.

Axiom Mortgage Solutions is here to assist you in setting up a second mortgage in Leamington and Tecumseh. Our friendly and professional staff can offer comprehensive advice and direct you towards a range of mortgage products that are suited to your property, needs and budget. With careful consideration and dedicated services, we are here to answer your questions and help put you in the best financial position possible. Visit us or give us a call today to find out more about how a second mortgage could benefit you.

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