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City life has its attractions, but when it comes to a great place to raise a family and have space to build a family, it’s impossible to beat Lakeshore. This town, which was incorporated in 1999 after a number of towns (including Belle River) were amalgamated, is beautifully situated in Essex County, Ontario, on the shores of Lake St. Clair. With beautiful trails and waterfront areas, it’s a wonderful place to be outside, while its proximity to Windsor—it’s just a half-hour drive—means that the amenities of a city are also at hand. For mortgages, Lakeshore residents turn to the professional team of local brokers at Axiom Mortgages. We’ll find you mortgage solutions and present a range of financing options that will be perfect for your individual needs.

Top Reasons to Consider Moving To Lakeshore & Belle River

Get More for Your Mortgage

Lakeshore & Belle River Windsor Team Zanet Mortgage Specialists

In Toronto, a new home will cost you a million or even more. If you want to get into the real estate market while still remaining in Southern Ontario, a mortgage in Belle River/Lakeshore could be the perfect option. Instead of a stuffy condo in Toronto, your money will be able to get you a large home with multiple bedrooms, an outdoor area with a yard, and attractive amenities. Think granite countertops, open concept living areas and finished basements! Your money will go so much further in Lakeshore, and your mortgage will give you a great return on investment. A beautiful home with a spacious outdoor area and easy access to the waterfront could be yours—a fixed rate mortgage, variable rate mortgage or second mortgage could be the perfect option to get you in the market.

Close to Windsor, Close to Nature

Lakeshore & Belle River Windsor Team Zanet Mortgage Specialists

Lakeshore is a beautiful area with new homes available within price ranges that young families can afford. Your mortgage can get you a Belle River home with lawn space that’s close to Windsor. If you’re a young professional, it’s easy to work in Windsor and make the convenient commute to Lakeshore. With a driving time of just half an hour, it’s the best of both worlds: enjoy the culture and professional opportunities of the city while being able to return to the serenity of your waterfront property each night. With parks and trails just outside your door, you’ll soon see why Lakeshore is a region with such great real estate prospects. Your home could include a large yard for the whole family: a fire pit and patio for the parents, a playground for the kids. Your home can even be spacious enough to have family and friends to stay—since everyone will want to come enjoy the beauty of your property on the shores of Lake St. Clair.

Lakeshore is home to almost 2 dozen parks, including sports fields, playgrounds, fenced dog areas and much more. Have a barbeque, play a ballgame or take the kids to the swings. Take a picnic to Lake St. Clair or enjoy the fragrant local gardens. So many possibilities are open to you in scenic lakeshore. Contact Axiom Mortgages to find financial solutions. We can’t wait to call you our neighbour!

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