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Get Help with a Second Mortgage in Tecumseh, Leamington, Windsor & Essex County

The factors that go into choosing a primary mortgage are numerous and sometimes complicated. At Axiom Mortgage Solutions, we know a second mortgage is no different. 

While this lending opportunity comes with some risks, our brokers, Rob and Sandra Zanet (DelCiancio) can work with you to find a second mortgage in Tecumseh, Leamington, and throughout Windsor and Essex County.

A second mortgage can be an empowering option. Our brokers can help you determine if it’s a smart choice for you. 

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Top Reasons To Consider A Second Mortgage

Alleviate Financial Stress

Second Mortgage Windsor Team Zanet Mortgage Specialists

A second mortgage can help you consolidate debt and pay off high-interest loans. If you consistently make your payments on time, you can raise your credit score. 

Or, maybe life has thrown you an expensive curveball. This loan can help you pay for unexpected costs, such as medical bills.

With a second mortgage, you can also make the investments you need to reach your dreams. Whether it’s a business venture or your child’s college education, you can overcome financial barriers with added assets.

Learn the Details of a Second Mortgage

Second Mortgage Windsor Team Zanet Mortgage Specialists

While a second mortgage can empower you to manage bills, debt and investments, it comes with additional responsibility. Because of the increased risk for lenders in second mortgages, these loans usually come with higher interest rates. 

However, these rates still tend to be lower than an unsecured line of credit like a credit card. Lenders will look over your home equity, in addition to things such as your credit score and income to determine the amount of your loan.

A second mortgage may be available for people with sub-prime credit

Second Mortgage Windsor Team Zanet Mortgage Specialists

Unfortunately, there is a tendency for some misfortunes to release a cascade of disadvantage: losing a job, for example, can mean getting behind on the bills, which in turn has an impact on your credit rating. This may mean it can be harder to find a loan.

In these types of circumstances, a second mortgage for Windsor residents may turn out to be a cheap and accessible form of borrowing. 

An opportunity to release a significant amount of equity

Second Mortgage Windsor Team Zanet Mortgage Specialists

It’s unlikely that many people would get an unsecured loan for the amount available if a second mortgage product is considered. Particularly for homeowners that need fast cash for a significant expense, a second mortgage could be a good solution to their problems.

If you need advice from a mortgage agent near you with significant experience in helping people find a second mortgage that works for them, we’re here for you. You can also check our our mortgage calculator.


Have you considered a second mortgage to cover living expenses?

Second Mortgage Windsor Team Zanet Mortgage Specialists

A second mortgage isn’t just for the big things. 

If you are unable to work for some reason (for example, due to a temporary break in employment, early retirement or an accident), a second mortgage could provide some welcome additional cash to pay bills and keep food on the table. There are many flexible second mortgage products on the market, which can be repaid quickly once times get easier (for example, when compensation is received for loss of earnings due to injury).

Wide variety of second mortgage products on the market

Second Mortgage Windsor Team Zanet Mortgage Specialists

Through our brokerage service, we can offer our customers a wide variety of second mortgage products. These can be customized to suit individual requirements, enabling every applicant to find a solution that works for their specific circumstances. 

If you have particular requirements when it comes to your second mortgage (for example, the capacity to make irregular payments of differing amounts), our team will do their best to accommodate your needs.

Get Advice from Our Brokers

If you have sizable equity in your home, you can use it to put yourself back in control of your finances. Contact us with the link below if you’re considering a second mortgage in Windsor, Leamington, Tecumseh or Essex County. Rob and Sandra Zanet (DelCiancio) can look over your situation to help you determine if this lending option is right for you.

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