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Mortgage Broker vs. Bank: How Mortgage Brokers Are Different from a Bank

If you are in the market for a mortgage, you might consider heading to your bank’s local branch to speak with the loan officer. That may seem like the most logical choice since you have an existing relationship. What you may not realize is that there is another option that may result in lower interest rates and a better mortgage experience. Why not consider discussing your needs with a mortgage broker in Tecumseh? While not as popular as banks, brokers can offer additional services that a bank cannot.

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Understand the Differences Between a Mortgage Broker and a Bank

While both institutions deal in lending solutions for their customers, some significant advantages and disadvantages can affect your experience and your pocketbook. Consider how banks and brokers differ:

Mortgages from Banks:

  • You probably have an established relationship so that you can trust them with your financial future.
  • Since banks provide a range of financial products, you have access to a broader view of your wealth.
  • You may experience potential efficiencies when additional accounts are within the same organization.
  • There is the sense of stability that an established institution can bring, and they are required to follow federal underwriting guidelines.
  • They can only provide you with their products at their rates. If they turn you down, you have to go to another organization for a loan.

Mortgages from Brokers :

  • As mortgage specialists, they are licensed and extremely knowledgeable in their forte. They know what you need to get approved and can guide you on how to improve your current standing.
  • The process is handled from start to finish through one company that will shop around to find multiple lenders for you. You do not have to go to different lenders for your needs.
  • Because they have access to multiple lenders, they can often offer better rates than major banks.
  • It is possible that they can work with you even if you have a poor credit history or are self-employed.

Mortgage brokers in Windsor, Tecumseh, and Leamington are growing in popularity as customers are happy to have help shopping around for the best rates and terms. The home lending market can be volatile. A specialist can help walk you through the process efficiently. They give you personalized service that you may not get elsewhere.

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