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You may have experienced cases when mortgage applications are rejected due to credit history and affordability. A qualified advisor can guide you through the rates, terms and conditions. Whether you are planning to invest in a property or refinancing debts, Axiom Mortgages can help. Our comprehensive products and services include renovation financing, mortgage renewal and more. Count on us when you’re in need of mortgage solutions in Windsor as we have two decades of experience.

Windsor is an urban hub with a metro population of well over 300,000 people. It’s a desirable place to live: it offers all the modern amenities and cultural attractions you expect from a city at a moderate price, since it’s much cheaper than many other cities. According to the Windsor-Essex County Association of Realtors, the average home in Windsor sells for a little over $280,000—a fraction of the price of nearby Toronto, where homes cost over $920,000 (according to the Toronto Real Estate Board). For Windsor mortgages, count on the experienced, professional team at Axiom Mortgages. We’ll provide outstanding financing options for those looking to enter this growing real estate market. We also broker for those looking to buy real estate in neighbouring towns; you can speak with us about LaSalle mortgages and Tecumseh mortgages.

Top 3 Reasons to Consider Moving To Windsor, Lasalle & Tecumseh

Enjoy the Excitement of City Life

Windsor, Lasalle & Tecumseh Windsor Axiom Mortgage Solutions

Windsor is a great option for young families looking to break into the real estate by purchasing their first home or seniors who want an affordable place to retire while still enjoying the activities of a modern city. Windsor is nestled in between Lake St. Clair and Lake Erie, just across from Detroit on the shores of the Detroit River. It’s a great place to get the big-city feel without paying a Toronto price tag. With Axiom Mortgages’ range of attractive financing option, you’ll soon be able to enjoy the bustle of city life! Some of Windsor’s most attractive amenities include:

  • Great restaurants and cafes
  • Concerts at local arenas and bars
  • Parks, trails and outdoor scenery
  • Art galleries and museums
  • Great schools, including the University of Windsor
  • Proximity to Detroit and other U.S. destinations

Natural Beauty and a Temperate Climate

Windsor, Lasalle & Tecumseh Windsor Axiom Mortgage Solutions

What’s more, Windsor’s geographic proximity to rivers and lakes means that it’s possible to get a waterfront property on a modest budget. Whether you’re on the shores of Mount Erie in Tecumseh or on the banks of the Detroit River in LaSalle, this region is a wonderful place to enjoy the beauty of nature while still getting the benefits of city life. There are many parks and trails for those who like biking, running, walking, or simply sitting and enjoying the scenery. Windsor is Canada’s southernmost city, meaning that the weather is more temperate than in much of the rest of the country.

A Thriving Real Estate Market

Windsor, Lasalle & Tecumseh Windsor Axiom Mortgage Solutions

The City of Windsor is currently enjoying a real estate boom. The prices are still moderate, but they’ve been on the rise in 2017! Although this means that homes are slightly more expensive than they were in previous years, it’s actually a good thing—it means that real estate is in demand, more people are moving to the city, the economy is thriving, and prices are likely to keep going up! It’s a great time to get into the market, since you’ll be investing in your future. With a Windsor mortgage, you’ll be entering a growing market, meaning that you’ll be able to use your loan to secure your family’s financial comfort for many years to come. When you are in need of a secured line of credit, seek our mortgage services in Windsor. Contact Axiom Mortgages today in Windsor, LaSalle and Tecumseh!

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